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Active Service Desk

Customer-focused technology support

Our unique technology management approach means you have a dedicated team focused on ensuring the technology supporting your business is always at optimal performance.

Our Active Service Desk capabilities include:

Service Desk

A dedicated service team providing you with a single point of contact to report and resolve any incidents or field requests for additional services.

Operational Enablement

Ensuring your business technology is continually operating at its maximum capacity is always a primary priority, including scheduled onsite visits delivered under our Active Focus service programs.

Operations Management

Developing an operational management plan to manage your business's ongoing technology service needs, including finding permanent resolutions for all issues.

Hardware Integration

Maintaining the security and integrity of your technology network through a managed approach to integrating new equipment and platforms for staff and executives.

Active Focus

Our unique approach to managing your business technology offers you a dedicated team focused on delivering seamless support for your business.

This focus means providing you with the support you need to give you the time and opportunity to concentrate on your business and the peace of mind of knowing your business technology is taken care of without you having to monitor or oversee yourself.

Our Active Focus service model assigns a Dedicated Performance Management Team to your business. Each team consists of area specialists who continuously monitor, review, and optimise the effectiveness of your business technology ecosystem.

Our Active Focus Services include:

  • Scheduled regular onsite visits
  • Secure integration and set up of team workstations, notebooks and tablets
  • Secure VIP Home Network set up for Executive team members.

Supporting your business technology needs more than just IT services.

Contact us for more information about how our Active Focus services can positively impact your business.

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