Our story

Since 2002, Rivercity Solutions has provided managed IT services to a broad and varied clientele.

Our services range from developing high-level strategic solutions aligned to our customer’s vision for their business, focused on supporting them in achieving it and managed service plans that ensure their IT delivers on its promise.

It is in this promise that our value lies.

IT is a necessary part of our lives, with most businesses heavily reliant on their IT systems to operate their businesses. Some run solely on handheld devices to support their mobile workforce or rely on complex technologies to research, map, or build even more complex environments.

As a business owner or CEO of a company, there is a need to understand how IT can deliver on the demands of your business and know which technology will be the best solution to meet them.

We understand that any IT solution also needs to focus on providing an environment that matches your team’s potential, where they are unhindered by limitations in your IT system.

We get to know your business and develop a plan to ensure your IT grows and evolves with it.

We achieve this by first developing a deep understanding of how your business operates, its complexities, your staffing needs and most importantly, what your IT has to perform. The outcomes provide a clear picture of how we can develop the most suitable solution and a plan that responds to the business need and budget.

This understanding also drives our customer engagements and allows us to provide more strategically aligned advice and solutions. We aim to become a collaborative partner in your business, positioned alongside you to ensure your IT solution continues to be the silent workhorse of your company.

Keeping the system running is as important as getting the right one.

We look at any IT solution we develop for a customer’s business as a living and ever-evolving organism. It needs to be constantly monitored and managed to ensure it is always working at its optimum level and responds to the long-term demands of your business and external IT forces.

This means two things:

We believe that supporting you is more than simply being a voice at the end of the line. To be an effective support partner, we align our teams with yours to build dynamic working relationships that work together to swiftly resolve an issue or highlight where we could do things better.

We give you control over your IT.

Shared values mean genuine relationships.

At Rivercity Solutions, our best work is with customers with whom we share values both in and out of business. This sharing of values is essential because this leads to more robust relationships that develop into a deeper engagement with them as a closely aligned and trusted collaborative partner.

On a strategic level, we create and maintain clear and open lines of communication with our clients where conversations are focused on how we work with them to deliver on the strategic objectives of their business and what it means to achieve them.

The most significant outcome we can achieve for our customers is when their IT is working as intended.
No one’s time is being distracted by dealing with a system that isn’t performing, and productivity is down as a result.

And we achieve this for you through our considered approach to everything we do, from the initial posed solution to the ongoing management of your IT.

We provide you with tangible and quantifiable outcomes that aim to give you time and opportunity to focus on your business and peace of mind in knowing your IT is cared for without needing your continuous monitoring or oversight.

On-point and to the point.

At Rivercity Solutions, we know that for IT to be effective, it must align with your business’s strategic objectives. To achieve this, we need to a deliver seamless and productivity-focused solution.

However, to understand your options and make confident and informed decisions, you need to have straightforward recommendations presented in language that makes sense to you to make informed decisions confidently.

We see one of our primary responsibilities with you as your customer is to cut through the jargon and IT speak so you can easily comprehend what we are proposing and how the outcomes will impact your business.

Our other responsibility is to ensure that what we have promised works as intended and continues to be a valuable piece in the ongoing success of your business.