Our Comprehensive Services

With added accountability and transparency

At Rivercity we are able to provide a complete range of IT services for your organisation, all with our trademark accountability and transparency that our clients love.

Our mission is to align your IT with your business. We make the time to assess, consider, care for and plan your IT strategy while taking care of all your day to day IT responsibilities. Our team is dedicated to this.

This approach ensures that:

  • technology is not a point of frustration for management or staff
  • you get the most out of your IT spend  - it has to make sense for your business
  • your staff are looked after by professionals – no jargon, with excellence in client commitment
  • your management team get transparency to IT operations.

Below you’ll find more information on our services, all of which take the IT burden out of your business.


Customer Support Services

We promise the very best in customer experience. This starts with hiring professional, intelligent and friendly staff that have a genuine interest in helping your team remove any IT frustrations they may have.

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Technology Consulting

We help you to understand the most relevant options available for your requirements and lay out a business technology plan on how to achieve your specific objectives.

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